Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Underserved communities having access to quality health services while experiencing the love of Jesus…It’s what drives us
Our Mission: To improve the physical and spiritual health of our community while training others to do the same…It’s why we’re here

About Us

Hospital Profile

AIC Kapsowar Mission Hospital was established in 1934 as initially a healthcare dispensary and over time has grown to a 130-bed regional (Level 5) referral hospital. (link to a history and hospital timeline page: Slide 2 and 3 of strategic plan PPT) The hospital is the largest referral hospital in the region located 1.5 hours north of Eldoret in central Elgeyo Marakwet County. The hospital is staffed by both missionary doctors that are North American trained and by Kenyan trained physicians and surgeons. The total number of the hospital staff including medical and support staff is roughly 220.

The hospital has an active outpatient service open daily. Surgical and medical clinics operate Monday to Friday but there are 24-hour emergency services and ambulance services 24 hours daily. There is fulltime presence of general surgeons, orthopedic and gynecology/obstetric surgeons to care for emergency cases. Kapsowar Mission Hospital is a referral centre for Obstetric complications with 24-hour availability of Caesarean Sections by our fully trained staff. We have 11 incubators in our recently enlarged newborn unit which is the largest in the county. Our full-service dental clinic with all new dental equipment opened in 2020 with a fulltime internationally trained dentist provides dental service Monday to Friday.

Strategic Focus areas

Provide Quality Services that are timely, responsive and reliable, meeting the greatest needs of the people we serve

Train African Learners in healthcare specialties so they can serve the surrounding community, counties and countries while advancing each learner’s career development

Reach the Underserved in our own community and then in surrounding counties and countries

Share the Gospel by engaging each person with kindness and compassion – letting patients and their families know they matter – just like Jesus did

Hospital statistics

(average per year)

Customers served! 100 Outpatient Visits
Customers served! 100 Lab Tests
Customers served! 100 Imaging Studies
Customers served! 100 Surgical Cases
Customers served! 100 Babies Delivered
Customers served! 100 Admitted Inpatients