Committed to the People We Serve

We are dedicated to delivering timely, responsive, and quality services, addressing the most critical needs of the communities we serve.


Surgical Services

Our surgical team comprises highly qualified surgeons, either trained in North America or graduates of the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS), who hold expertise in a diverse range of surgical procedures. With a commitment to excellence, we conduct approximately 1,700 operations annually across our three modern operating rooms.

Our dedicated surgeons are available round the clock, providing on-call services for emergencies 24 hours a day. The surgical department plays a pivotal role in catering to the region's healthcare needs, offering specialized expertise in general surgery. We have a particular focus on thyroid surgery, cleft lip and palate procedures, a wide array of reconstructive surgeries, and orthopedic interventions, including complex fracture treatments and hip/knee replacements.

Medical Services

Our outpatient department attends to approximately 45,000 patients through the dedicated efforts of our clinical and medical officers. A four-bed casualty department is on standby 24/7 to provide immediate care for acutely ill individuals.

Our patients, upon admission, receive daily attention from our comprehensive medical team, consisting of North American and East African-trained physicians, as well as locally trained medical officers. Our fully qualified nursing staff ensures the highest standard of care.

Following a thorough assessment by our medical professionals, necessary tests are conducted in our lab or imaging department. Patients then receive prescribed medications from our well-stocked pharmacy, primarily sourced from MEDS, ensuring the provision of only high-quality, verified, and unexpired medications.

We maintain electronic medical records, and discharge summaries are promptly provided at the time of release. In case of emergencies or the need for transfers to higher-level facilities in Eldoret, our hospital is equipped with two ambulances, ready at any moment.

Obstetrics Care

Our maternity department is often busy as our hospital delivers approximately 1,600 newborns each year, serving as the regional referral center for obstetric complications.

Our comprehensive maternal care includes prenatal and postpartum services provided in our women's clinics. Our OBGYN, trained in North America, utilizes advanced ultrasound assessments to ensure the well-being of your baby. Laboratory check-ups and ultrasound studies are standard for all expectant mothers.

Specialized care is available for high-risk pregnancies, including those involving twins or triplets, a history of previous C-section, diabetes during pregnancy, prior pregnancy losses, or bleeding. Our expert team also offers assessments for women experiencing difficulties conceiving.

Qualified doctors and midwives are available 24/7 to attend to women in labor, with our delivery rooms equipped with four delivery beds and fully operational areas for baby resuscitation and care. Caesarean Section procedures, available around the clock, ensure safe delivery for women unable to deliver vaginally.

All women are eligible for coverage under Linda Mama or through NHIF and other insurances, allowing for safe deliveries in the hospital at no additional cost. Notably, Kapsowar Mission Hospital boasts the region's sole higher-level newborn unit, with our advanced incubator care.

Newborn Care Care

Our hospital proudly boasts the county's largest and most advanced newborn unit, featuring 11 incubators with piped-in oxygen and suction for every infant, an expanded and renovated space in 2020, and our own North American-trained doctor who specializes in the care of premature babies and those facing significant health challenges.

Our commitment extends beyond infancy, with round-the-clock pediatrician specialist care, daily check-ups for all newborns, and comprehensive Maternal Child Health Care (MCHC) services, ensuring crucial well-baby care and immunizations throughout the first year of life. Moreover, our dedicated surgeons are skilled in correcting various congenital abnormalities, including cleft lip and palates, club feet, and more. Our team is dedicated to the holistic health and happiness of every precious life.

Lab and Imaging

Our hospital conducts approximately 60,000 lab tests and 4,000 imaging studies annually, overseen by fully qualified laboratory technicians, x-ray, and ultrasound specialists who manage our  laboratory services. Operating 24/7 for emergency needs, our facility boasts the sole regional blood storage facility, ensuring immediate transfusions during emergencies and surgeries. 

In 2022, our laboratory underwent a significant expansion, incorporating a new automated chemistry analyzer and coagulation measuring machine, enabling comprehensive hematology profiling and an extensive array of chemistry tests covering liver function, blood sugars, kidney function, and cholesterol profiles. From infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV to meticulous microscopic analysis of blood and stool for parasites, our lab is equipped with advanced technologies. 

Meanwhile, our imaging department offers not only x-rays and ultrasound studies but also the flexibility of portable ultrasounds and x-rays at bedside or in operating rooms. For more complex cases, we coordinate patient referrals for CT scans or MRI scans to Eldoret, ensuring our commitment to delivering top-tier diagnostic excellence.

Dental Department

Our hospital holds the only full-service dental clinic in our county. Our facility, opened in late 2020, boasts two contemporary dental chairs, a portable dental x-ray system, and a streamlined computerized record-keeping system. Our dedicated full-time dentist, a North American-trained professional with extensive expertise and specialized training in oral surgery, leads the charge in providing a spectrum of dental services. From routine procedures such as extractions, dental fillings, and restorative dental treatments, including dentures and dental bridges, our dentist prioritizes conservative approaches, avoiding unnecessary extractions while emphasizing dental restorations and sharing knowledge on preventative dental and oral health care practices. 

For those in immediate need, our clinic offers urgent care for dental pain or abscesses. Our clinic has partnered with various insurance companies to extend coverage for a multitude of dental treatments, ensuring comprehensive care tailored to individual needs—please consult our dental clinic for specific coverage details with your insurance provider.

Pastoral Care

Our heart at Kapsowar Mission Hospital is to model the compassion of Jesus by embracing each individual with kindness and empathy, making sure patients and their families feel valued. To fulfill this commitment, we have dedicated team of full-time chaplains and social workers who attend to the spiritual, emotional, and family needs of our patients, especially in moments of crisis. Social workers engage with patients upon admission, seeking to understand their family dynamics and unique needs. They also establish connections with village chiefs or church leaders to ensure a comprehensive support network.

Our full-time chaplains actively reach out to all admitted patients, addressing any spiritual or emotional needs they may have. Both our doctors and chaplains are always available to join patients in prayer if desired. In times of grief or loss, our chaplains provide counseling to patients and their families. Moreover, our chaplains extend their presence to the wards and outpatient departments, leading worship services that uplift spirits and offer meaningful support to both patients and their families.

Covered Insurances

COvered Insurances

  1. National Health Insurance Fund(NHIF)
  2. Jubilee Health Insurance
  3. Britam_Afya Tele Medical Scheme
  4. Trident Insurance Company LTD
  5. Minet/AON
  6. M-Tiba
  7. Pacis Insurance Company LTD
  8. Equity Health Insurance
  9. CIC Africa Life Insurance LTD
  10. Liason Group
  11. First Assurance Medical Cover