Whether you can come for two weeks, two years, or two decades - we believe your time here in Kapsowar will be a meaningful experience for you and of value for the hospital and surrounding community. While many of our volunteers are physicians, we are deeply appreciative of those who come with other skills as we have a wide range of needs here.

Most of our short-term physician volunteers come through World Medical Mission or Christian Health Service Corp who do help arrange your flights and travel logistics. We also accept residents and medical students for global health electives and provide training, mentorship and oversight from our long-term medical and surgical staff. We currently have seven long-term expat families here with a variety of organizations including SergeChristian Health Service CorpWorld Medical Mission Post Residency ProgramAfrican Inland MissionSIM, and Paraclete Mission Group.

Listed are a few of our current opportunities we are searching for long-term volunteers. However, we would also welcome anyone who can help fill these roles for any amount of time. If you don’t see a role that fits you - that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love you to come - these are just a few of our needs. We welcome whatever gifts you bring and can find a way for you to use them during your time in Kapsowar.


2024 Urgent Volunteer Needs

Early Elementary Teacher

Our community would be thrilled to welcome a dedicated and passionate early elementary education teacher to help teach the children of our long-term workers serving at the hospital. Currently, all of our long-term families also carry the large responsibility of homeschooling their children. Having a teacher to help with that responsibility would greatly help free many parents in our community to focus on their main skill in being here (i.e. engineering, seeing patients, etc). As a key member of the expat community, a teacher would play a vital role by providing quality education to these young learners, and fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Maintenance and Construction Coordinator

We would would be incredibly grateful for a skilled and experienced individual to lead the current and future infrastructure projects at the hospital and housing station. As we expand our facilities and continue to serve the community, we would be grateful for someone to help to manage the execution of building projects and maintaining the overall infrastructure. We would love someone with a deep understanding of construction processes, project management, and facility maintenance. Responsibilities include overseeing construction projects from inception to completion, managing budgets and timelines, and coordinating with local contractors.  

Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and OB/GYN Physicians

We would urgently welcome volunteer doctors across various specialties to bolster our healthcare services and address the pressing medical needs of the local community. Your background and training will provide invaluable support to our current team of doctors. Your expertise will help us provide quality healthcare in this underserved region, as well as respite for long-term physicians living in Kapsowar.

Hospitality Coordinator

Our hospital receives volunteers from across the globe year-round who contribute their skills and time towards the mission of improving healthcare access in the region. We would love someone dedicated to ensuring a warm and welcoming environment for these visitors, overseeing their accommodations, helping coordinate their transportation, and fostering a sense of community for those who passing through. 

Volunteering at Kapsowar has truly changed my life. I gained vision and encouragement for my growth as a healthcare worker and as a follower of Jesus. I decided to go back to school to become a nurse after my first visit to Kapsowar in 2020. If you are considering volunteering at Kapsowar, I encourage you to step out and allow God to grow you in unexpected ways. 

- mary eng

2023 volunteer from California