Training the Next Generation

Our vision is to further to come a training center of excellence enabling medical and surgical teams to serve in rural, under-resourced settings. 


Kapsowar Mission Hospital developed a Medical Training School (MTC) in 2009 which focuses on the training of nurses. Since 2009 there have been 21 graduating classes after successfully writing the Nursing Council of Kenya exams for a Diploma in Nursing. Our classes have an extremely consistent high degree of performance and completion of their diploma program exams. Intakes for the nursing program occur every March and September. Students board at the school in a large hostel building. Instructors teach the full spectrum of nursing and academic skills needed to pass the Kenya Nursing Council Examinations.


Since 2020 the MTC offers a diploma (2.5 years) and a certificate (1.5 years) which prepares graduates for employment to work in operating rooms in Kenya based on their training and skills obtained in this program. Students study anatomy, physiology, sterilization techniques, assisting in the operating room and working with equipment and supplies in the theatre setting.

For further information on the requirements for admission and curriculum and fees for admission to any MTC programs please go to the website or Facebook pages of the Kapsowar Mission Hospital MTC.


Since 2019 Kapsowar Mission Hospital is a part two training site for family medicine residents enrolled in the Kabarak University family medicine residency. Medical officers seeking further specialized training enroll in this program to become skilled family doctors learning to deal with the whole person care both in outpatient and inpatient settings. Residents are mentored and taught to excel in the following areas of family medicine; Primary Care Team Consultant, Leader, Communicator, Scholar and Health Advocate
For further information on this four-year program please go to the Kabarak University web address.


Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) has established a rural surgical training rotation at Kapsowar Mission Hospital for surgeons in their final years of surgical training. Kapsowar has fully qualified general surgeons, orthopedic and plastics and reconstructive surgeons participating in this training program for young surgeons.